Qualities of a Man

In making the cabinet that would provide counsel about the qualities that make a man, a well-rounded person capable of putting the needs of others above their own, I found it difficult to fill the seats intellectual and spiritual/religious.  A good hint as to the qualities I need to develop the most.

My childhood was filled with Roman Catholic upbringing, but I was raised to have an appreciation for all religions.  After my first communion going to church was more on the schedule than something that was ever forced, and was eventually faded out by the time I was in middle school.  Since then I have never really followed any religion or spiritual practice, other than looking up a religion’s Wikipedia page and getting the gist.

Selecting a cabinet member to hold the seat for intellectual has proven difficult as well.  There are few towering intellectuals that I think I would be interested in reading.  Of modern great thinkers, that quickly come to mind are scientists, particularly Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku.  I would like to be able to expand to philosophers or critics, but my knowledge is lacking on where to begin for these as well.


Qualities of a Man

1.      Politically aware

2.      Spiritual/religious

3.      Artistic & creative

4.      Intellectual/philosopher

5.      Physically fit/style

6.      Funny

7.      Sexual