Dream Home – Kitchen

The kitchen is rustic and French with plenty of work space that run along the walls, with a rolling island that allows the room to retain an open feeling.  There is light filling the white and natural wood filled room from a window that is over the in-counter brass country sink.  Storage and the pantry are beneath the counter space on display in glass containers.  The appliances are warm red and teal, designed to appear country and antique.  Eighteen inches from the ceiling runs a shelf around the kitchen that holds knick-knacks, which provide character that anchor the décor in a whimsical domestic fantasy.

My home would be my showplace, covering up for the tragic flaws that I believe cast me as inferior.  Placing the heavy belief that material things will bring me at the very least approval, if not validation.  In an effort to grab at validation the subtler aspects of my personality are bulldozed over by generalizations that come with décor shorthand.  The harder I work towards the materials that’ll bring me validation, the less easy it has been to achieve that validation.  This is because what is validated is not who I am but a façade.


Dream Home – Bedroom & Bathroom

The bungalow’s salon has French doors that lead directly to the bedroom.  Three of the bedroom’s walls are painted different shades of cement grey, with a darker tone for the trim.  The fourth wall is large bubble glass that faces the backyard, and open to the porch.  An ornate Ottoman stained glass room divider obscured the bed from the glass.  A long installed curtain rod ran across the ceiling with green and watermelon sheer curtains that could be drawn.  There is a Victorian fainting couch next to the French doors.  In the corner is a large mirror.  There are four armoires in the room: one against the wall to the side of the mirror, and the other three lined the parallel wall.  The wrought iron bed, with antique white European country chairs acting as side tables, are in the center of the room, with a black rug underneath.

Opposite the bubble glass is the bathroom, which is black and white art deco with subway tile, and accented with green and bamboo.  The free-standing sink, toilet and claw footed bathtub, are porcelain; the rainforest shower and fixtures are nickel.  There’s a small door across the bathroom entry that leads to a laundry room.


Dream Home – Office & Salon

In my future bungalow there is a writing office off the back porch, overlooking the coy pond, is a small writing office with a square wooden coffee table.  On the porch is a loveseat that overlooks the coy pond.  Through floor to ceiling glass doors is a particularly large salon; curtains are red and gold cotton.  Along the left hand wall fireplace juts out from a brick wall.  Above the fireplace is original artwork.  The fireplace is flanked by floor to ceiling built-in shelves filled with books and candles.  A small slim HD-TV sits on a rolling table out of the way.  In the center of the room is a rug, on top of which is a couch, antique Byzantine conversation couch, and two chairs huddled around a coffee table.  Strewn about the coffee table are periodicals.  Between the couch and the fireplace is an eight-person dining table, with two wing back black chairs at the heads of the table; the remaining six are three pairs of Edwardian chairs.  The right hand wall, where the fireplace is, made-up a library of antique books.  The parallel wall is lined in tiers trailing many feet to the ceiling is a large art collection.

Verve [4/3-4/8]

I do not know what worldly possessions I am working towards.  When I stand still, what style home am I living in?  What objects do I use to define myself?  How will I measure success?  Where do I want to live?  Living in wintry Upstate New York, has given me a desire to live somewhere with only 3 seasons – spring, summer, and fall.  I’d be willing to go as far south as Virginia.  It would need to be a metropolitan area because I enjoy the culture that is provided.  A metropolis would also allow for me to not need a car, and I could rely on public transportation such as a subway or elevated train.  The essential question is: where do I see myself inn 5, 10, or 15 years?  The future isn’t something that I have put much thought into.

My dream home is a bungalow that is a handsome u-shaped Italian Renaissance Revival-style exterior face of brown brick, sandstone, and panels of terracotta details.  A geometric wrought iron fence encases the backyard’s coy pond and fountain.  The courtyard reaches inside flooding the bungalow, creating ever-changing shadows and accents.  The porch is pale glazed brick, ornamental cast iron, Mexican floor tiles, and polished wood.