Diamond Queen – outline

Angel Constantine is an artist poised between two worlds: indie-art and dance-pop musi.  She burst onto the cultural radar with her single, the pure-peppy fist-pumping electro-pop “Hanging Out.”  The song’s promotional video contained brave sexual imagery that reflected her parents’ home country’s political upheaval in a vibrantly violent story; the promo went on to sweep the EU Grammy categories.  Since then, through her gleeful imagination ruled by a disciplined study of gesture and attitude, as well as strength, in body and spirit, Constantine has designed a new iconoclast daring the world to not scrutinize.

The brighter Constantine’s star grew the heavier she came under criticism for having a Svengali in DJ/Producer NORE, having begun a professional relationship when she was 15 in Ibiza.  Their mentor-protégé relationship is sweetly protective and utterly confusing to observe.  He has nicknamed her “Songbird”, calling her by it as they discuss work, art, & fashion.  Both she and NORE fought back by asserting Constantine was her own artist and dictated the direction of her work, writing all the lyrics and vocal arrangements.  The nature of their relationship was eventually revealed when a marriage certificate listed the couple married in 2052 in Hubbe City; Angel would’ve been sixteen, and NORA would’ve been thirty-three.  Three years later Angel was linked to the Blithedale sex-game murders, when a young man died at an Commission licensed event, when papers turned over to NEON in the Depravity Watch’s indecency investigation, listed Angel as an employee of Thaïs Kyabakura in 2051, when she would’ve been fifteen years old.

Inquisitors declared Constantine a victim of a clandestine and manipulative organization, escaping obscenity and prostitution charges.  But former co-workers disagree with The Watch’s ruling, going as far as to say that she perjured herself, claiming Angel had been in Neophyte training for six weeks at the Basilia Phalanstère in Sidume.  Constantine maintains she never took that path, and hopes that she won’t be called to testify at the indecency trial, scheduled to begin in November of 2056.  In the meantime, Angel wasn’t free from any entanglement with the Malthusian Commission, claiming to being continually monitored by The Watch.  Constantine says it’s because when inquisitors brought her in for questioning, they became annoyed and frustrated when she couldn’t supply names of executives or guests because she didn’t know anyone’s real name.

The November 2056 inquisition was too much for Angel and NORE who broke up early in 2057.  Angel left the studio that year and turned towards acting, turning in an award nominated and winning performance in ‘Perfect Blue’, playing a singer turned actress whose mental stability slowly unravels after shattering her perfect image.  Further distancing herself from her past, Angel moved into The Sacred Orchard at Topher’s invitation, acting as ambassador to the World Government Organization.



Lamprocapnos [Bleeding Heart Flower] 03“Pele’s Boys”

From the volcano top

I hear dreams like thunder

Exciting the liquid chaos deeply in me

Matching my heartbeat

Your smile becomes my sun

When I suck your tongue

For lava glistens in your eyes


Underneath your rain

Treble and strings make melody

Bass and horns make flowers bloom

Tickling every nerve of me

Creating tiny sparks

Imitating missing persons –

Oh, how I love those little Sparks!

They massage my every muscle

Destroying or giving me wings?


Where’s the new rain?  Where’s the new rain?


“Poppy Garden”

I lived in a common poppy garden

But when I ran from that courtyard

I tore down the walls around

The razor I keep in my mind

Making my brain polluted with torrents –

I’m stupid I’m tragic I’m defenseless

I’m ashamed at my lack of pain


In honest moments I can’t lie,

You had brought out what I thought was the best of me,

But when I’m left to dream alone for a thousand nights

Is when havoc contrives tears at dawn,

Mixing with critical thoughts of my own –

(So run now)

I am deconstructed glass I am too frozen for love,

I am characteristics unbecoming

I am the thorn in your side –

I clip my wings to be free


Lamprocapnos [Bleeding Heart Flower] 02

“Icy Cold”

Shut the lights off

Put the candles on

Turn the 808 up


I ride up high on the beat

Like a bike with no seat

Working my hips

I ride deep

With the beat

Like a bike,

With no seat

I’m an icy cold freak


“I’m Not Happy That I’m Not Safe With You”

With philosophical morals as strong as a sea fog,

You laid barbed wire around my circular orbit;

And now I’m at the point

When I look in another’s eyes

All I can say is,

You don’t have to stay until morning


Oh, Solace, it’s true:

You still look pretty counting my rosary of addictive solutions

Leaving sadness as the only lover to invade my demeanor.


I’m not happy that I’m not safe with you.



As the flower said to the blowing wind:

“I’ll never easily give up my mystery.”

As the hilltop said toe the rising morning:

“Never let our unknowing passion ignite.”

As the winter said to the blistering sun:

“From time to time love me slowly.”



Lamprocapnos [Bleeding Heart Flower] 01“@Love”

I think about you sitting haphazardly with legs opened

Hat covering face

Leaning back and fro

Deep in thought cross trainers come untied

You move me –

To bleed like a waterfall

In your reach

I know an existence of myself

A common disaster


“Cellularly Alone”

With a friction space between my arms,

I’m falling prey to gravitons of junkie jocks

And cutting cliques that navigate my orbit

I’m sneaking into some strange cracks;

I want to be on my own time


“Everything Smells Like Tension”

Even on a good day no one wants to be alone;

Bitter and cold


Love with one is too few

Love with none is too many

Everything smells like tension


I’m a coward wanting love, thinking I’m something special;

Adorning my self’s mass-disaster in diamond quips