Vagabond Ways

tumblr_npt8kedAyT1s977myo1_500I am Dorian Iacchus, and I grew up in Biell’s City of Flowers, the only child of Lily and Edward Iacchus.  My father was an architect who owned the third largest architecture firm in Pentapolis of the Valley; my mother was a classically trained dancer and teacher.  My childhood and early life was spent in Vargaria and Huxia, where my parents converted to Anthrosophiscal Society.  When I was fifteen his family returned to NAU.  My father died of lung cancer when I was 15.  When he was 17 I began working as an artist’s model.  At 18, I inherited 753,000 credits from my paternal great-aunt Marianne Burroughs, which enabled me to attend Aerynd University’s Waterfront Annex and then graduate free of debt.

b6dwj5wcaaa-7asWhen I attended Aerynd University’s writing conservatory from 2047-2051 none of the traditional professional studies interested me so I constructed my own on graphic fiction.  While attending Aerynd University he appeared in the final project student films “Noh” by Johann Tronberg and “Chimera” by F. Rohrbach.  At the Waterfront Annex my graduating short story cycle, Snow, was a collaborative effort with the graphic artist Ian Jimenez; he had provided the etchings between stories.  The collection yielded a publishing contract with Tilael Publishing, who publish my graphic-serial Babalon’s War.

After graduation, I used my publishing advance to move into the Langham building of Caentibiry Place, amongst the wounded and wonderful – vagabonds, ecchi, socialists, and anarchists.  In 2053 I became a free-lancer for Ego’s Own, turning down assignments I did not find interesting, and in the process earned a reputation for being difficult.  Yet, for what I did accept I received notoriety, acclaim, publicity and praise, earning a junior editorial position the Special Projects department in mid-2055.

Dorian Iacchus Bio P3In 2054, I began researching my first academic literary project, on the works of C.R. Kiernan and the Lovecraft Mythos, which was published in 2056.  I then went to work on my first big special project, an anthology of historical and autobiographical illustrated fiction from the Meseogios.  It’s designed to put a face on the 2012 Megalith eruptions’ environmental and social impact on religious hostilities.  During this time, I continued to publish the serial graphic-fiction Babalon’s War with Tileal Publishing, but a new contract was negotiated in 2057 for Ego to publish the next two collections.


2029-54 – The Vagabond Identity

2054 – A Vagabond’s Ways

2055-56 – The Rebel Vagabond

2058 – The Lone Vagabond