Pentapolis of the Valley

Artifacts of an Urban Alternate Future

In 1989 the USSR’s equivalent of the US’ Zarathustra Program escaped and infected 85% of Earth’s plant and wild life, turning most plants into giant carnivorous organisms, with the Ctesias Virus.  Animals, birds and people that ate the infected food supply found the virus infiltrating them as well, equally mutated to pre-historic sizes and monstrous appearances.  Humans that were compromised were disfigured, and some were given perverted versions of NEON’s Chevaliers; mockingly called Unmade.

World plants overgrew and destroyed most if not all roads, reducing travel to existing river and canal ways.  Infected birds attacked planes with such frequency that air travel has all but been abandoned; slow moving steel dirigible often patrol within the safe manipulated atmosphere of The Walls; the world outside the walls is referred to as the Genesis Garden.

At this time the individual city-state began amassing their own power from the central governments, and it became clear the old representative style would not be retaining its privileges.

On January 1, 2003 (1/1/03), the USA became the North American Union, NAU, eventually including Mexico and Canada by 2005, thus concluding the Genesis Revolution.


A Blithedale Romance

2054 Disappearing Acts


Vagabond Ways

2054 A Vagabond’s Ways

2058 Lone Vagabond, the


Lost Children

In 6961, after the Seven Year War that lead to The Great Devastation, when in 6954 The Terrain System first successfully came into contact with another sentient life-form and was defeated into isolation, the ECN returned to policing duties; a planetary system wide post-apocalyptic chaos, a Central Governing Council left impotent by the cost of war, science-crimes have skyrocketed in occurrences and inflation runs unchecked.  To investigate and stop those that would exploit the cracks in society is counter-terrorist wetworks and anti-crime unit ECN: Assault Cell Alpha.

6989 Sunshine Kimono