A Ghastly Maze

A Ghastly MazeThe Basilia Phalanstère was located at 1016 Madison Ave, Central Business District, in Sidume, of Pentapolis of the Valley.  It is six floors high, with a basement to make seven; and worth $32 million with taxes at about $80,000, for 93,300 square feet with elevators.  The building had been zoned for commercial and residential usage.  From outside the building looked elegant and stately, a large stone and brick home amidst the concrete of Sidume and its buildings.  To Brian McCloud it looked like something that belonged closer to the opulence of Biell than so near the economic center of The Valley.

Blithedale built the mansion in 1862, at the foot of the ultramarine Acadian Mountains, a sprawling granite structure; the land had been bought in the early 1850s.  Throughout time The Basilia was reconstructed and remodeled primarily in 1865 thru 1914, to include four fort-like towers shooting out from its sides and amongst the steel skyscrapers, like octopus tentacles around glass fish.  It contains 35 apartments, 9 studios, 9 duplex penthouses, museum, business, and dining facilities; and can house up to 1620 people at any given moment.  The building’s main door was large steel arches, framed by a single stone arch that read, “O to che vieni doloroso.”

The structure was composed of three major parts: a central part and two lateral wings.  The central wing houses libraries, offices, meeting rooms, studies, and a ballroom.  The left wing is for labor and noisy activities, such as carpentry or food preparation; as well as dorms for Erotes.  The right wing is where most member penthouses were.  The basement housed some of the organization’s more monetarily expensive acquisitions.

The 1914 Green-Space Initiative preserved its unique architecture, for more modernity’s sake. With the mass production of the automobile, increasing traffic, demolition of historic buildings, commercial encroachment into historic neighborhoods, and the loss of open space led to the beginning of grass roots preservation efforts. Almost immediately residents, business people, and government officials worked cooperatively to preserve, enhance, and revitalize the eastern side of Wuthering Canal; they successfully restored numerous village buildings, the establishment of a historic preservation district.  Interiors and features were as modern as could be afforded.

Becoming tired of standing outside, with no one to talk to, or anything to do Brian went inside.  There Brian was greeted by a valet, who upon seeing Brian took a water from his waistcoat pocket, looked at it, and then stepped aside to allow entry.  When Brian was inside the valet took Brian’s jacket, and handed it to a 13-year-old Korean girl.  Brian was dressed by his Blithedale Master in a black and white jacket and shirt combination by Gucci, and five pocket jeans, with brown shoes.  Then the valet led Brian to a gold lobby; Brian followed close behind never stopping to consider how to again make his way to the street.  The floor is black & white marble tile, the main light sources were eight-foot-tall, three tier oil candle stands.  The house’s vestibule opened to a large greeting area, where on a wooden table sat a guestbook with quill.  Marble pillars stood guard at the hallway, which led to a large ballroom, with grand sweeping marble staircases on both sides; discrete elevators were built behind the staircase.  The staircase to the left led to a balcony that overlooked the dance floor, while the staircase to the right led to the penthouses.


To read more, download the short story below:

Ghastly Maze


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