Writing’s Joys

Writing is meditation, providing the sign-posts to authenticity, displaying baggage unedited on the page.  In un-arguable black and white words exist a story; words for which only context and definition exist, otherwise they have no other agenda than to communicate intent and emotion.  Words communicate clarity just as a painter’s brush strokes.

There is no higher participation than recording the human story.  Fiction, sculptor, journalist, painter, etc.  all the arts keep for the future, life experience as it is now.  Fiction, essays, and articles bring currents to depths, re-contextualizing the world and experiences.  A work’s message may not be presently obvious, but the future’s ability to decontextualize reframes evidence to speak.  Art carries a voice between generations, giving validity to future generations’ movements.

The writing process involves digging deeper into the root of a scenarios disagreements and complicities.  A writer’s imagination redevelops the world to a more agreeable inclusivity.   What is presented to the audience is the statement that cannot be tapped down.  As scenes are developed with details – evidence – around characters for complexity, makes them more relatable and appealing.  A character’s shared interests, experiences, and details with audiences extends empathy to the newly complex character, which is often Other to observer.

Writing is recording the present while creating the future – keeping the story going.


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