Topher Moore’s Interest in Communitarianism

Topher Moore was an attractive 25-year-old political science graduate student; shaggy haircut, brown bedroom eyes, and a laid-back demeanor that had gotten him into a cheerleader or two’s bedroom, while maintaining a healthy male’s reputation.  He dressed in jean shorts, mole skin boots, knit blue hoodie t-shirts, and a rotating arsenal of hats.  To carry his possessions, such as his skatedisc, e-papers, and water bottles, in a canvas rucksack flung over a single shoulder.

Topher selected political science major to follow in his father’s footsteps, the famous political engineer Lewis R. Moore.  Lewis’ work kept him constantly travelling through the NAU’s north eastern city-states, giving Topher a varied cosmopolitan upbringing.  Topher was inspired by his father’s effort to push ecological communitarianism into mainstream political discussions.  Topher strives to contradict and battle tribalism, which has swept Terra following the Genesis Revolution’s isolating effects.

Topher selected Brasilia to study because of the Genesis Revolution’s surprisingly positive impact on the continent, such as increased global economic, military, and political power.  Brasilia also became flush with fertile farm land, which provided much needed food to most of the world’s population.  This turned the plantations into powerful new communities, which were independent of previous governmental tribal structures.  These new communities were independent of previous ethnic and cultural ties, becoming new societal utopias built around interactions towards shared goals and interests, and shared history.


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