Verve (7/3-7/14)

The benefit of moving is the cleansing action that comes with packing and unpacking.

The new apartment is smaller – the best possible way.  I previously had a two bedroom, and the spare bedroom, (rather than be for guests or an office) became a Monica Geller-style closet.  Everything that had been labeled for the curb ended up in that room.  The junk in the extra room became totems of my past, the luggage of life that’s weight slowed the journey.  Most of the contents did not eve originate as mine.  They were accumulated when friends shed them in their own moves.  I threw those away immediately, and for the first time in a long time the items surround me I had selected and bought; I am entrenched in my unique aesthetic.  The possessions that must be sorted have been amassed through my adventures.  The memories attached to them are my perspectives on the world, and not reactionary to gaining affection.  The artifacts of life all reflect my experiences and priorities.

This move has provided an opportunity of a clean break from my dusty history.  Moving allowed me to toss the collected ideologies and props, and retain the core – what triggers an emotional response in me.  My home is now an attempt to show off the best of me. 


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