Lamprocapnos [Bleeding Heart Flower] 02

“Icy Cold”

Shut the lights off

Put the candles on

Turn the 808 up


I ride up high on the beat

Like a bike with no seat

Working my hips

I ride deep

With the beat

Like a bike,

With no seat

I’m an icy cold freak


“I’m Not Happy That I’m Not Safe With You”

With philosophical morals as strong as a sea fog,

You laid barbed wire around my circular orbit;

And now I’m at the point

When I look in another’s eyes

All I can say is,

You don’t have to stay until morning


Oh, Solace, it’s true:

You still look pretty counting my rosary of addictive solutions

Leaving sadness as the only lover to invade my demeanor.


I’m not happy that I’m not safe with you.



As the flower said to the blowing wind:

“I’ll never easily give up my mystery.”

As the hilltop said toe the rising morning:

“Never let our unknowing passion ignite.”

As the winter said to the blistering sun:

“From time to time love me slowly.”



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