A Political Discussion I Had Recently

ME: In today’s job market and society we have produced too many people with degrees that there is no longer a blue-collar work force, which is a factor in the shrinking middle class.

THEM: If the middle class and blue collar contingent disappears, who will be left to vote republican? Bible thumpers and assholes?

ME: Plenty of Bible thumpers and assholes vote Democrat. To believe that “the opposite” political party is made up of “deplorables” minimizes the needs of a large group of Americans – further pushing the polarized state of the country. Middle class and blue collar are often voting for, what can be loosely described, as “family values.” If you are attempting to refer to the large electoral college vote that Trump received, then it might be best to try and think “What has the country not done to support them?” The states that Trump won were “no collar” states, the miners and farmers, and those without college degrees and trade-skills, who – more than likely – saw a country that was increasingly looking beyond its borders and supporting foreign interests. Those that voter for Trump were more than likely attempting to vote for themselves, their families, and their neighbors, by voting for localized economic resurgence. What they saw was how others are getting more and more rights for very specific demographics, while their own was being maligned as “ignorant” or “racist,” which was largely probably not the case. Your statement also ignores recent NYT, LA Times, and Politico articles that are finding, in young America, a 2 party system no longer is viable. As well, there were the Bernie-die-hards that abstained from voting because Hillary wasn’t Bernie, which also cost her the election, and perhaps a more progressive government.

THEM: If she had chosen him as her running mate, I think she would have won. I’m hardly a political follower. I do know that Trump has spent his life being a schemer and a con artist. Also, if Putin supported him, wouldn’t that be reason enough not to vote for him? Many blue collar whites vote against their best interests, easily swayed by candidates that appeal to their bigotry and racism, all under the guise of religion.

ME: To maintain a narrow view of the “opposition” is fundamentally part of the problem because it assumes the worst in “blue collar” Americans, as recent events across the country would show that your attitude is just as equally uniformed as the “racist” and “bigots” that you are railing against. For instance, when ICE began deportation of undocumented Americans, and became part of the argument about why mass deportations are not the solution. It appears you also aren’t taking into account the fact that in states where Trump won, citizens argued that their representatives weren’t following a more progressive health-care system; and not part of the belief that healthcare is a privilege and not a right, which is something that is fundamentally against the fact that dialysis is free to all Americans because of its astronomical price (which was passed by Nixon, a Republican).

I believe that instead of belittling and degrading an entire segment of the American population, a person should ask, “What is causing them to vote in that manner?” or “What is it that needs to be done to progress their place in the country so they do not feel forgotten?” or “How can we change the education/support/laws that equally create equity?” Different voices add greater depth to the Discourse, elevating all that are involved; and those that aren’t are elevated by proxy


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