Why We Need To Be Unapologetically Authentic


Art by Malika Favre
Art by Malika Favre

Authenticity is something I struggle with, so much so that I have made it my resolution for 2017.  I realized towards the end of 2016 that I covered up, diluted, or ignored the parts of myself that I thought would alienate me from those around me.  In truth, those aspects of my identity (which I am still peeling away to discover) are what make me unique and an individual.  For years I struggled with the idea that there was something false and untrue about my place in the world, only to realize that those feelings come from the fact that I was not living with authenticity – I was going to events to celebrate people I didn’t like, putting time into covering up my true ideas, and putting myself in places that I didn’t want to be.  Exhuming personalized experiences and exposing to others my personalized allows for facades to be dropped. As masks are dropped deeper connections are formed.  As I have worked through this by analyzing my past, celebrating my interests and what they mean to me, and connecting through failures, I have deepened my relationships with friends and family, resulting in an increased quality of life.  Authenticity is being politely selfish by connecting through shared hardships and joys.


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7 thoughts on “Why We Need To Be Unapologetically Authentic

  1. It’s a touch resolution but worthwhile, I feel. I’m in a similar situation. I still haven’t quite figured out what my true authentic me actually looks and behaves and feels like. It’s been covered up for too long.


    1. We learn early on the playground that it is important to be like everyone else, that it will bring acceptance into the group dynamic. We have to hid from others our interests, past-times, and families. When we graduate from school we spend the rest of our lives un-learning the group mentality, as we wonder what about who we are that was so unaccpetable. In current society we divided by your inerests with groups rarely over=lapping. It is as if the current state of the world has come to reflect the early days of the internet – when subcultures connected through message boards and online clubs.

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    1. Thanks. Often individuality, while celebrated, isn’t reinforced. It begins with the educational system that is geared towards lessons and plans that track growth over achievement. Educators, who need to support their lesson’s success with clear cut data, do not support achievement that can be displayed through creative means because it’s too hard to grade objectively. We are taught there is only one answer in school, and then when we get out into the world we find that multiple answers and routes to the answers are possible. Different voices add greater depth to the Discourse, elevating all that are involved; and those that aren’t are elevated by proxy.

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