Lamprocapnos [Bleeding Heart Flower] 01“@Love”

I think about you sitting haphazardly with legs opened

Hat covering face

Leaning back and fro

Deep in thought cross trainers come untied

You move me –

To bleed like a waterfall

In your reach

I know an existence of myself

A common disaster


“Cellularly Alone”

With a friction space between my arms,

I’m falling prey to gravitons of junkie jocks

And cutting cliques that navigate my orbit

I’m sneaking into some strange cracks;

I want to be on my own time


“Everything Smells Like Tension”

Even on a good day no one wants to be alone;

Bitter and cold


Love with one is too few

Love with none is too many

Everything smells like tension


I’m a coward wanting love, thinking I’m something special;

Adorning my self’s mass-disaster in diamond quips


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