CHARACTER: Dorian Iacchus p3

Dorian Iacchus Bio P3      With the success of the first Huxian collection, Dorian found further success with an academic critique and over-view about C.R. Kiernan in 2057.  That same year he signed a second contract with Tileal Publishing for more Babalon’s War collections.  Dorian found it difficult to begin further fiction writing, and turned to additional article and essay writings.  To distract himself, early the following year Dorian left for Huxia to collect inspiration and to begin work on a second coffee book he had decided to curate.

            In Huxia, and its island territories, Dorian became interested in the neo-esoteric movement, Rejenys, which had gained momentum following the Man from Megalith’s arrival.  Dorian detailed his conversion to the growing fringe religion through a series of bi-weekly essays for Ego’s Own, which renewed his fictional inspiration.

            Upon returning home Dorian was met with a large protest of Malthusians, who decried his conversion to Rejenys.  As a reaction to his persecution and malignment, Dorian’s bi-weekly essays began dangerously critiquing the Malthusian based governing laws.  While Dorian’s essays and articles had brought political inquiry to his citizenship, his openly espousing an opposing religious doctrine brought Dorian harassment from The Watch, the Malthusian Commission’ public security force.  To escape government surveillance Dorian took sanctuary in the nearest Holy Garden, The Magnolia Orchard.


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