Verve [4/3-4/8]

I do not know what worldly possessions I am working towards.  When I stand still, what style home am I living in?  What objects do I use to define myself?  How will I measure success?  Where do I want to live?  Living in wintry Upstate New York, has given me a desire to live somewhere with only 3 seasons – spring, summer, and fall.  I’d be willing to go as far south as Virginia.  It would need to be a metropolitan area because I enjoy the culture that is provided.  A metropolis would also allow for me to not need a car, and I could rely on public transportation such as a subway or elevated train.  The essential question is: where do I see myself inn 5, 10, or 15 years?  The future isn’t something that I have put much thought into.

My dream home is a bungalow that is a handsome u-shaped Italian Renaissance Revival-style exterior face of brown brick, sandstone, and panels of terracotta details.  A geometric wrought iron fence encases the backyard’s coy pond and fountain.  The courtyard reaches inside flooding the bungalow, creating ever-changing shadows and accents.  The porch is pale glazed brick, ornamental cast iron, Mexican floor tiles, and polished wood.


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