CHARACTER: Dorian Iacchus p2


            Dorian dated DJ Jeremy Schwach, while having an affair with noted painter Ian Jimenez.  While dating Jeremy, Dorian’s Langham apartment became a Saturday evening gathering place for vanguards in arts and letters. Admittance into Dorian’s salon was a sought-after validation, and became combination mentor, critic, and guru to those who gathered around him.

            After Jeremy learned about Dorian’s affair, he moved on and began dating Ian.  Shortly afterward Dorian’s name came out as a former associate of the underground social club Blithedale.  Dorian turned his time with Blithedale into the novel Vagabond’s Ways, which was met by critical acclaim.  The novel presented readers with the outre challenge of piecing together the history of an unconventional polygamous experience, far removed from social and political expectations.  Despite detailing experiences outside of readers’ experiences Vagabond’s Ways’ popularity caught Tilael Publishing unprepared.  Dorian’s success overshadowed Ian Jimenez’s painting career that to had sputtered due to political controversy.  Eventually the stress of divergent career trajectories led to their break-up, which Dorian responded to by throwing himself into work at Ego’s Own.  For the next two years Dorian curated a collection of autobio-graphic fiction by Huxia artists, which detailed the effects of the Genesis Revolution on them and their culture.


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