CHARACTER: Dorian Iacchus

b6dwj5wcaaa-7asDORIAN IACCHUS

Occupation: Writer, Junior Editor



Hair: Cedar

Eyes: Blue


Dorian Iacchus was born in the City of Flowers to creative parents.  His father was an architect who owned the third largest architecture firm; his mother was a classically trained dancer and teacher.  Dorian spent his childhood and early life in Vargaria and Huxia, where his parents converted to Anthrosophiscal Society.  At 17 he began working as an artist’s model.  While attending Aerynd University he appeared in final project student films.  At the Waterfront Annex’s graduating show Dorian Iacchus’ critical short story cycle, Snow, yielded a publishing contract with Tilael Publishing.

Rather than go home after graduation, Dorian moved into the Langham building, amongst vagabonds, ecchi, socialists, and anarchists who encouraged playing with sexuality and sexual roles.

In 2053 Dorian met Edna Millay, editor-in-chief of e-periodical Ego’s Own, at philo-café Freethought, who introduced him to a circle of writers and thinkers; often times meeting at dancehall, occupying a table all evening.  As a free-lancer for Ego’s Own, Dorian turned down assignments, earning a reputation for being difficult.  Yet, for what was accept he received notoriety, earning a junior editorial position.  There he edited, become friends with, and in some cases lover to leading literary and artistic figures


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