Verve [3/20-3/25]

Every day at work is another day I don’t belong at the adult table.  Life and work comes so much easier to everyone but me, like they’ve been practicing their whole life for the moments of their life.  This isn’t the truth because it is a fact that no one has it together as such, but I look around me at everyone else’s life, and without actively comparing, it’s the things I want the most came to them sooner – contentment, belonging, and legacy.  How it is that I work just as hard and others keep passing me by?  Are they braver by taking more risks, and reveal more of themselves?  I wonder what the unique lessons are I am to learn, what’s the pay-off?  It doesn’t look to be a relationship, well-paying, or happiness.

·         I’d like more time.

·         I’d like a balance.

·         I’d like to see progress.

·         I’d like to know contentment.

If I could just get a roadmap to eat, pray, love my way to those things I know the rest would fall into place, emotional security would follow.  Then I’d know my seat at the table would belong so fully to me, I’d also get a place setting.


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