Queer Identity

I have no formed queer identity, rooted in beliefs, attitudes, and values.  Through critical analysis of my formative years, the books, celebrities, television, and movies, I will involve myself in crafting my gay identity.  Finding my cultural identity will provide a relationship to queerness; homosexuality is same-sex attraction, while queer is cultural practice.  By creating a tether to queer I will develop a critical lens, a tool that will aid in how I navigate and perceive the world and my relationship to it.

Queer culture is a set of shared perceptions that take heteronormative practices, beliefs, and arts, to repurpose for identification.  Self-classification as any one sexual category, such as heterosexual, does not eliminate one from participating in queer culture.  Rather, participation requires the ability to empathize with and perceive the world through the experiences of fringe and minority groups.

For my generation that came of age in the 1990s a combination of timing and lack of technology is to blame caused stagnation in gay social networking.  These circumstances led to low queer acculturation particularly if someone lived away from gay neighborhoods in urban areas.  With limited exposure to queer culture and increasingly outdated examples of representation, I developed a malleable inauthentic identity.


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