Geekery Gay Subculture

callistoxBeing an isolated gay youth I didn’t grasp the larger social issues presented by the X-Men, but they became my original introduction to a subculture.  This was accomplished through their cartoon when it featured the Morlocks, mutants who lived in the sewers of New York City because their powers made them grotesquely disfigured. Their disfigurement and mutant-identity was analogous to my gay and homosexuality that I actively kept a secret because I feared being further separated from my classmates and friends.  The Morlocks illustrate a key dimension of the mythos, the group that requires isolation through creating its own culture because society won’t accept it.  The Morlock Tunnels, as their home became known, is an analogy for subculture and minority neighborhoods I discovered when I became 18 and went to college near NYC, and began going to gay clubs and Chelsea, I was enlightened to a world that was tailored to me.  In NYC’s clubs the drag- and nicknames used were similar to mutants’ code-names as their primary self-identity and opting out of their government birth names.  As my knowledge of queer history and culture grew the mutants’ outsider place took on greater meaning of social acceptance of uniqueness.


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