Why I Write

I write because it is art, allowing me to explore my world and explain myself to that world, which I have found a laborious process.  Writing affects the physical world, re-shaping personal experiences.  Writing allows me to make sense of an increasingly complex world, and it to make sense of me.

I began with fiction, emulating my literary favorites.  Then came maudlin poetry.  Then a return to fiction.  While completing my Master’s thesis in literacy I found non-fiction, and a passion to fight.  Essays allowed me to do this.  Not being a journalist, nor wanting to devote two years to a single essay, I utilized the personal essay.  Perhaps one day a memoir, but that genre seems reserved for great thinkers or those with completed identities.

My move to personal essays has inspired me to return to fiction.  Exposing myself in essays has emboldened me to return fiction, but this time as an original and not as a mimic.  The creative process has me searching for the root cause of what I would like to ignore or disagree with in life, and to recreate the world through new contexts.  After all, fiction needs to make sense, and reality doesn’t.


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