Through Exposure I Can Live my Ordinary Life as an Artistic Statement.

I Swear, I’m Easy to Care for Like a Cactus, is the collection of 2017’s essays that exhume my everyday personal experiences, seeing the inherent patterns, cultivating new opposing habits, to develop my authentic critical lens. Creating my critical lens will put a spotlight on the dried and cracking leather hid of my baggage.  By illuminating the shadows within myself, through taking apart and reassembling my life, will reveal the humanity that links us all.

I Swear collection is broken into three sections.  The first section will be “Identity in Separate Bubbles,” my gay story.  In looking at the formative years I will examine pillars of my identity and what they mean to me.  “My Gay Pantheon” is the section that will discuss 6 celebrities I take imaginary counsel because they have characteristics I wish to develop in myself.  The shared traits amongst cabinet members demonstrate core values have the benefit of illustrating solutions to navigate society.  In the final section, “Untitled/Dear Unsent,” the growth that has been undertaken is critically analyzed.  This will be done by reexamining the pillars of my identity within society as I have learned to reframed it.


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