My Gay Pantheon

            My gay pantheon is not the typical pantheon when one is conjured to mind, rather people (famous or not, perfect or not) with admirable characteristics that one wants to emulate.  Members of the pantheon are called upon for a specific trait that is admired, for a particular purpose, to utilize their knowledge on a particular subject for advice; personal lives or other traits can be disregarded.  Having a cabinet that can appropriately be consulted requires extensive research by reading the autobiographies, biographies, and writings of members.  This has the added benefit of traits of cabinet members being acquired, by engaging the lives of admirable people through reading. 

            As I grow I expect my gay pantheon to expand, and it should expand, to include more diverse point-of-views, membership of the cabinet grows it is essential to maintain a core group of 6 counselors.  A thread of similar values found between members become essential values, creating the critical lens that informs how to navigate and handle problems.  Similar life events amongst cabinet members has the added benefit of illustrating society and their place in it. 

            A consulting with a gay pantheon develops a critical lens, bringing the ability to listen and communicate properly.


My Gay Pantheon

1.      Leah Remini – her bravery and gumption

2.      Armistead Maupin – achieving multiple POVs

3.      Mindy Kaling – romantic cautious optimism

4.      Wachowski Siblings – interconnectivity of life/arts/consciousness

5.      Bill Maher – liberal ideals

6.      Ellen DeGeneres – humor to survive


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