The Sunshine Kimono


Soon there will be many things not seen today, but appear as though they are.

There once was a golden two-tailed kitsune with cranberry eyes, which came across a Pylur temple and its young farmer-monk.  She watched him from atop a nearby cliff, behind a fallen tree, her two tails rustling the fallen leaves behind her.  The cranberry-eyed kitsune waited until a few evenings had passed, and it was raining, before approaching the ancient Pylur temple.  She approached as a beautiful young woman, her hair of an unusual blonde with cranberry eyes.  Her kimono was dove white and darkened to ebony at the bottom, with gold thread for trim.  She knocked on the temple’s undecorated wooden doors, and the monk answered.  The Pylur monk indeed was attractive with an even open face and his hair chignon.  His robes were green in honor of Tǖf.

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6989 – The Sunshine Kimono


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