Critical Exhumation

Boogeymen aren’t scary when the lights are on.  With a strong spotlight the boils and slimy hid are revealed to be acne; ravenous searching eyes are just one lazy eye and poor over-compensation; or the looming form is just scoliosis and a beer-gut.  The artists – painters, writers, actors – in a society create the biggest spotlights, and so get the largest credit, for illuminating the shadows.  Artists use nuance and details to bring and audience to authenticity.

Outside artists exist the majority, living life from one grocery trip to the next.  In every day events exist moments that illuminate truth and reveal just as, if not more, than the same moments artists strive to create.  The interactions in the parking lot and at the check-out line are revealing scents of comedy, drama, or pathos.  These one-act plays of life reveal patterns about station, place, and character.  To see a pattern, acknowledges it, and creates the opportunity towards a new habit that opposes.

Exhuming the everyday through personal experiences, which create unique critical lenses, allows for the façade of everyday boogeymen to be exposed.  Through exposure can the majority’s ordinary life live as an artistic statement.


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